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The Day Trip Earrings

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I have been creating variations of flowy, wavy, sea-weed inspired earrings and pendants for some time now. I came to the conclusion that this design resonates so heavily in my work and mind for a couple reasons. When I am operating as the truest, "highest self" Natalie, there is a sense of fluidity to my presence and how I show up. Things flow, my creativity flows, there is an indescribable balance in order, a sense of ease and trust, and I feel present in whatever shifts are occurring. I am drawn to the fluidity of water and the way in which the tendrils of seaweed flow with the changing tides; it's enamoring. When we possess a sense of fluidity, we are able to embrace change, and instead of reacting, we can notice and be an observer, without spending energy on things that do not serve our highest good. 

Instead of naming these the obvious of what they are, I decided to name these "The Day Trip Earrings"

There is great restriction on our day to day, like we never have had before. A way I feed my wondering, travel lust soul, is to get in the car and drive to a new place. New scenery, a new trail, a new mountain. Simple getaways on a weekend to a new place is a way we can invigorate new inspiration and satisfy that adventure we crave. 

These earrings are a reminder to shift our perspective, surrender to what we cannot control, and make a choice to do things that still evoke feelings we crave, like inspiration. 


-Hand forged, gold plated brass

-gold plated ear wire