Wild Sol Jewelry

The Expander Earrings

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-Expanders are people that reflect back to us that the lifestyle, job, relationship, adventure, etc.  we seek for ourselves is possible. You may wonder, how do you find expanders and how do you know when you have found one? Well, when you tune in to yourself, you will start to notice that you will be drawn to certain people, places, things, and these people, places, and things things that we feel connected to, are sometimes showing us our truest desires and essence. When you find one of these people places or things, it's inspiring and you feel seen. Reflected back to us are desires that we are sometimes convinced are unrealistic. The reality is, when we surround ourselves with people and mentors that are DOING the things we think are cool, rad, interesting, and what we want for ourselves, we are shown that this too is possible for us. It's one of the first steps to manifesting the life of your dreams. 

- These earrings reflect this concept, in earring form. 

-These earrings can be worn with the chain attached to the stud to look like the earring on the left, or can be worn long and feathery like the one on the right. They can also be worn attached to another stud if you have multiple piercings. 

-They expand and shift into 3 pairs of earrings, in one. 

-gold plated, nickel free studs. 

-14 kt filled cable chain, herkimer diamond, freshwater pearl.