My name is Natalie, and I am the owner and maker of Wild Sol Jewelry. Wild Sol Jewelry is nature-inspired, whimsical, mood boosting, elevating, and handmade in Portland, ME. Maine is alive and striking, with moody, dreamy seascapes, dense forests, fields of wildflowers, contrasting seasons, and uninhabited land. I have always been a dreamer, collecting rocks and seashells, and inspired by the natural world around me.  I  channel my experiences, feelings, and moods into tangible form.

My designs reflect the beauty and light within nature, and leave space for reflection. The pieces are light filled, reflect the abstract shapes within nature, and incorporate gold and gold toned metals, as well as natural stones. I am drawn to abstract shapes, asymmetry, shapes that encourage reflection, and delicate yet simplistic designs that are wearable in your everyday. It is my intention that my jewelry designs encourage you to tune into yourself and the world around you, and envelop you in feeling elevated and empowered to express yourself authentically in the world. I am so honored to create something that sparks feeling within, and adorn you in beauty.

Jewelry design offers a space for reflection and processing, personal growth, and appreciation for the present moment. My experiences in nature fill me with a deep sense of gratitude, connectedness, and appreciation for it's healing nature and wild beauty. When I am not creating jewelry I am most likely on some sort of jaunt outdoors!