Connect to your Essence: Custom Jewelry Designs

Work with Natalie one-on-one to explore your essence. Essence is innate in each of us; it reflects our unique authenticity that lies beneath the programming of the world around us. It is our center, a cumulation of energy that radiates from within, outward. It's a reflection of your soul. Natalie will design and create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is reflective of your essence that we explore together through feeling, the chakra system, color, shape, materials, and connection. Jewelry is a beautiful form of self expression and a way to tune into that unique essence that resides in each of us. We will dive deeper into the themes, cycles, patterns, and unique journey of your life. We will spend 30 minutes together, and then the creation process will begin. From design to finished product, it may take up to 6 weeks. This experience is ever evolving, and will be unique for each individual and offers space to delve deeper into your being. Varying price options are available and start at $100 ($25 for consultation and $75 for one custom piece of jewelry). There are varying price options that vary on materials used, as well as number of peices included in the final offering.