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Crown Chakra: "I understand"

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  • The crown chakra represents spiritual connection and awareness. It is associated with violet or violet-white light. Located a little above the top of the head, it represents union, bliss, the knowledge of being at one with all. When unblocked, you are able to see the big picture, be one with yourself and the world around you, and really feel the connectedness of it all. We are able to experience true bliss, peace, and the ability to just "be" Meditation of many forms can help develop a deeper practice of opening your crown chakra. 
  • Two stones that are connected to this chakra, that I could not choose between for this collection, are amethyst and moonstone. 
  • Moonstone is a stone that brings deeper awareness to our intuition and spirituality. It is a stone that represents connection, hope, sensitivity, and abundance. It is also associated with our divine feminine. 
  • Amethyst also activates spiritual awareness, and is a stone that cultivates peace through it's tranquilizing properties and ability to connect us to the divine through our dreams.
  • Which stone do you feel most connected to?